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Casie Cathrea - Just Say'n

Congratulations Coach Bratton … no I can’t play for the men

Coach B and I

Coach Bratton and I

Congratulations to Coach Alan Bratton  on being named the new Men’s Golf  Coach at Oklahoma State. The men are very lucky to get the chance for you to lead them to what surely will be national championships. I may be sad you won’t be there every day on the course with me, I do know your presence on the campus will let me learn from you in a slightly different way.  You may have chosen me to recruit, and I may have chosen you as my coach …. BUT  I chose Oklahoma State to represent.



Women’s US Open 2013 – Day 1 – Travel and clothes

Its been over a month since I qualified for the Women’s US Open being held at at Sebonack Country Club on Long Island.

2013 US Open qualifier

2013 US Open qualifier

A month is a long time to prepare! If your me with workouts already going great with a new trainer THE AWESOME Patrick

Boxing the new warm up

Boxing the new warm up

Physio is going awesome with the ever cupping krazy Kristi

Kristi doing her magic!

Kristi doing her magic!

Thanks to Chris and Dr. Neal my putting and short game has really improved ….


On Dr. Neal's system to evaluate putting

On Dr. Neal’s system to evaluate putting

I even found the time to win the first ever Porter Cup for Women at Niagara Falls Country Club in Niagara Falls NY
2013 Women's Porter Cup
2013 Women’s Porter Cup
Won the 1st Porter Cup

Won the 1st Porter Cup

So what was left ….. CLOTHING BABY! As I told Julie Williams from Golfweek last year … Its all about the clothes ( well first the buckles)  Thanks to both  59 Belts and the buckle my dad bought and stores in Stillwater  Ok. I am putting together a nice assortment of belt buckles

1 school some many choices!

1 school some many choices!

Hey I’m 17 and a girl clothes matter ……

Almost time to land in New York ! LET’S GET BUSY!




A few changes ……

I haven’t  posted anything in a while, so I decided the night before sign my NLI I would write a little about this past year  which has been both amazing and frustrating.  We also decided to change this blog up a little  and both my dad and I have been messing around with different formats.

This year could have been a little better but may have been much much worse without changes. An injury at the later part of 2011 made my family and I look at my golf program much much closer. From a new trainer to a new therapist , to even coaching/instruction everything was looked at and changed. I set 2 scoring records this year, my stroke average was lowered and I even  added 2 more holes in one to total 5 for my golf life. Those changes  did there job.

An injury as a result of poor lower body stability resulted in 6 months of therapy

From trying to qualify for a few LPGA events , to finally winning the California State Fair nothing compares to the Junior Ryder Cup the year

Junior Ryder Cup 2012

Oh Freddie said I have his swing ………

Freddie Couples is awesome!

So as a get ready to look forward  to helping my future  teammates, school and community I look back to see how hard I had to work to get where I am at today … I wouldn’t change a thing!


My family wishes to offer our condolences…… You are all in our prayers…..


The Oklahoma State women’s basketball coach and an assistant coach were killed Thursday night when the small plane that carried them on a recruiting trip crashed in Arkansas.  The deaths of Kurt Budke, the head coach, and Miranda Serna, an assistant, came a decade after two Oklahoma State men’s basketball players and eight others died in a plane crash near Denver while returning from a game at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

The pilot, Olin Branstetter, 82, a former Oklahoma state senator, and his wife, Paula, also died in Thursday’s crash. They were aboard a single-engine Piper plane about 45 miles west of Little Rock, Oklahoma State officials said.

Our condolences go out to the players, friends, and most importantly families affected by this tragedy. You are all in our prayers.