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Making a schedule for 2011… College is a yes …

This blog post is a colabertaive effort between my parents and myself so……

Starting in 2010 everybody helping me put my schedule together looked at where I played as a gauge for what needed to be working on rather then competing to win. As my length off the tee increased and my short game got better, so did a change in where I played as I looked at quality of play rather than quantity. I always really played the same few events each year as a way of gauging improvement,  and I went to events with specific things to work on depending on the venue.

Its clear we stumbled on something pretty special as we looked at other places to go play in 2009 and 2010. The NCGA, First Tee of Sacramento, and Future Champions Tour all did just amazing jobs in putting together the only real places to play junior golf in Northern California, and the San Diego area. They came to each event with the same quality of rules officials, same quality of play,  and most important a non political place to compete each time out. I can say from personal experience with the addition of the AJGA, the SHOCKINGLY AWESOME PGA Junior Championship these are places every  serious junior should play.

14 wins in 2010

My 2011 schedule will be put in place over the next few weeks with invitationals, exemption opportunities and chances of qualifying for specific events  put into the mix. My goal is to play on the 2012  Curtis Cup team and as a result I will concentrate on competing against women starting in the spring of 2011 rather the an extensive junior golf schedule. My entire schedule should be complete by the 21 of January 2011 and will include trips to places outside the USA.

More to follow on my schedule

Here is my last mention of the JGANC ever on these web pages …. new website same old story ……..

College …..yes I am going !!!!! I want to win a national championship with a great bunch of teammates….. Spring 2013 is my goal to start playing college golf.. And make no mistake  I will be ready to compete


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